No15a full view

Entrance to the flat from Viaduct Street

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15a Coronation Street is the flat located above the Corner Shop on Coronation Street. It is currently owned by Dev Alahan who rents the flat to Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne. Some of the shop owners have used the flat as storage, others have rented it out and some used it as their own residence.

Until 1985, the flat was accessed through the Corner Shop with a kitchen on the ground floor leading to the bedsit upstairs. Alf Roberts then refurbished the premises in which the shop was extended into the ground floor accommodation, a new door to the flat was built on Viaduct Street, and the flat was extended into the entire first floor allowing the then bedsit to be converted into a three bedroom flat. The current layout of the flat comprises: Living room with adjoining kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms.

In 2015, 13-year-old Faye Windass gave birth to a baby girl in the flat.




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