1968 Corrie by Jack Rosenthal was the bridging name given to the staging of three Coronation Street episodes performed as part of a short festival entitled “Midwinter Lass Fest” at the Lass O’Gowrie pub in Manchester in January 2012. The pub, well known locally as a fringe arts venue, staged a month's worth of plays and events with part of them specifically in tribute to the work of Jack Rosenthal, including a performance of Hot Fat, a Play for Today from 1974 for which the tapes no longer exist at the BBC.

Granada gave permission for the first time ever to stage performances of its scripts in 2011 and the three episodes were performed in the main bar, doubling as the set of the Rovers Return Inn with the paying audience effectively acting as the extras. The three episodes chosen (and the dates staged) were:

June West, the programme’s Casting Director, was also responsible for choosing the following actors, some of who had appeared in the television programme itself, to play the parts in the three episodes:

The plays were directed by Helen Parry.

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