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The 1975 ITV Strike was a short-term dispute over payments agreed before the government-imposed 1975 pay freeze came into force. A 19% pay rise had been agreed between the ACTT (Association of Cinematograph Television and Allied Technicians) union and the ITV companies in July 1974 and the union alleged that £231 of this deal was still owing to members and should not have been affected by the pay freeze. The strike was scheduled to last from 6.00am on Friday 23rd May to 6.00am on Monday 26th May aside from London Weekend Television, Tyne Tees Television and Westward Television where ACTT members ignored the strike call but staff at other companies came back to work to find that management had locked them out. Normal service resumed on Friday 30th May except on Scottish Television where staff refused to return to work after the lockout finished on 29th May. They eventually returned on Monday 9th June and extra episodes of Coronation Street were broadcast in that region in the coming week to enable viewers there to catch up.

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