1st man 2779
First appearance 18th November 1987
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jonathan Jaynes

The man was one of a pair of thugs who attempted a robbery at Goldenhurst, Oakfield Drive in November 1987. The man and his accomplice waited in a car outside the house for Dr. Lowther to leave before making their move. As they entered the house, they noticed a light was on and the front door was unlocked but they went ahead with the robbery anyway. The noise alerted Joan Lowther and Hilda Ogden, who were in another room packing, causing them to investigate and discover the pair. Panicking, the men subdued the women and fled - the first man held his hand over Mrs. Lowther's mouth, causing her to collapse, and the second man knocked Hilda over, hitting her head on a table.

A few weeks later, both youths were apprehended by the police. By this time, Joan Lowther had died in Weatherfield General following the attack. Hilda, although recovered physically, was left feeling old and vulnerable, and was disturbed to find out that she knew one of the lad's grans. Dr. Lowther decided to proceed with his planned move to Derbyshire and invited Hilda to keep house for him, an invitation she gladly accepted.

Credited as "1st Man".

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