• 1st January - Mary Taylor is unable to bring herself to move to South Africa to be with her natural son, Jude Appleton, and returns to Norris Cole.
  • 4th January - On the day that Jenny Bradley moves into Johnny Connor's flat, he tells her to leave when she tries to split up Aidan and Eva Price.
  • 6th January - Having forgiven Jenny, Johnny proposes to her.
  • 11th January - Michelle Connor gives birth to a stillborn baby boy called Ruairi after suffering a late miscarriage, leaving her and husband Steve McDonald heartbroken.
  • 16th January - Pat Phelan forces Andy Carver to burn down Webster's Autocentre, partially as an act of revenge against Kevin Webster. Steph Britton learns that Phelan has been blackmailing Andy and tells him they have to flee the country.
  • 18th January - Kevin is arrested for torching his own garage.
  • 20th January - Steph moves to Portugal to escape from Phelan. Phelan bludgeons Andy with a laptop before he can also escape. Phelan marries Eileen Grimshaw.
  • 23rd January - In her grief over Ruairi, Michelle contemplates jumping off a bridge, but is rescued by Robert Preston.
  • 25th January - Ruairi's funeral takes place.
  • 30th January - Toyah Battersby and her ex-husband Toby Chapman sign for their frozen embryos to be destroyed. Toby informs Toyah's boyfriend Peter Barlow about her IVF obsession.
  • 3rd February - Peter agrees to go for IVF with Toyah. Toyah's sister and Peter's ex-wife Leanne is enraged to learn that they've been having an affair.
  • 6th February - Sophie Webster returns home from Miami, bringing her sister Rosie, who has been away for five years. They realise that Rosie has accidentally brought cocaine with her.
  • 8th February - Daniel Osbourne loses his virginity to Sinead Tinker.
  • 13th February - Adam Barlow uncovers the cocaine Rosie and Sophie hid in an allotment.
  • 17th February - Groomer Nathan Curtis seduces Bethany Platt into his bed.
  • 20th February - Leanne gives birth to Oliver Battersby.
  • 24th February - Steve publicly reveals that he is the father of Oliver. Michelle punches Leanne and lashes out on Steve at the Rovers in front of everyone.
  • 3rd March - Sinead discovers she is pregnant with Daniel's baby.
  • 10th March - Adam is badly beaten up when a deal with drugs baron Ronan Truman goes wrong. His grandfather Ken Barlow orders him to go back to Canada.
  • 13th March - Nathan meets Bethany's mother Sarah Platt and Sarah's boyfriend Gary Windass. Maria Connor is released from prison early.
  • 17th March - Faye Windass bumps into her daughter Miley and Jackson Hodge.
  • 20th March - Faye's boyfriend Seb Franklin beats up Jackson in a jealous rage.
  • 24th March - Sinead has an abortion.
  • 27th March - Ken is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant.
  • 29th March - DS MacKinnon begins an investigation into Ken's assault. Most of the suspects are in the Barlow family.
  • 31st March - Sally Metcalfe receives a prank call informing her that her cancer has returned.
  • 3rd April - Ken regains consciousness with no recollection of the attack.
  • 7th April - Chloe Tipton lies to police that Peter assaulted her on the night before Ken's attack.
  • 10th April - Sally sees her own obituary in the Gazette and receives a pig's heart in the post.
  • 14th April - Michelle and Robert become a couple, much to the anger of Steve.
  • 17th April - Shona Ramsey visits her son Clayton Hibbs, who murdered Kylie Platt. She admits to Kylie's former mother-in-law, Gail Rodwell, that she is Clayton's mother. Rosie and Sophie accuse Leah Buckley of harassing Sally.
  • 19th April - Tracy Barlow visits her ex-fiancé Rob Donovan who had escaped from prison and is hiding in an empty gym.
  • 21st April - Adam is arrested on suspicion of the attempted murder of Ken. Freddie Smith moves to Scotland.
  • 28th April - Bethany is groomed to sleep with Neil Clifton, a friend of Nathan. Rosie learns that her aunt, Gina Seddon, is Leah's stepmother. A terminally ill Drew Spellman asks Billy Mayhew to be guardian of his daughter Summer.
  • 1st May - Tracy, her daughter Amy and Rob go into hiding in the Peak District. Leah tells Rosie and Sophie that Gina is Sally's tormentor.
  • 3rd May - Bethany and Nathan become engaged.
  • 5th May - Tracy tells police she attacked Ken so that Rob doesn't get caught. Maria resumes her affair with Aidan.
  • 8th May - Rob hands himself into the police and provides proof that Tracy is innocent of the attack on Ken. He is transferred to prison in Humberside.
  • 10th May - Sally persuades Gina and Leah to move in with her.
  • 12th May - Steve accidentally overdoses Oliver.
  • 15th May - Leanne and Toyah order Chloe to drop the assault charges. Leanne gives Peter a false alibi for Ken's attack. Her fiancé Nick reveals to his brother David that he has a real alibi for Peter but doesn't want to tell police.
  • 17th May - Oliver has a naming ceremony. Nick berates Leanne for lying to the police.
  • 19th May - Sarah and Gary rescue a drunken Bethany from another member of Nathan's gang but she later stabs Gary with glass and runs away.
  • 22nd May - Adam kidnaps Daniel in his car and unsuccessfully tries to force a confession to Ken's attack out of him.
  • 24th May - Leah is discovered to be Sally's real stalker.
  • 26th May - Ken believes Adam attempted to kill him after he recognises his shoes. Daniel is revealed to be the real assailant when he retrieves a bloodied book from under the floorboards of the shop flat that he used to batter his father with.
  • 29th May - Leanne, Toyah, Peter, Steve, Oliver and Simon Barlow go to the beach. Shona realises that Bethany's boyfriend Nathan is her abusive ex. Daniel redecorates his old flat with Ken who suddenly remembers Daniel attacking him.
  • 30th May - Daniel's missing mother Denise unexpectedly shows up at the flat looking for him. Nathan has Shona beaten up when she tries to rescue Bethany. Leanne breaks up with Nick over his behaviour towards Peter and Steve. Nick gets trapped in quicksand.
  • 31st May - Daniel becomes distressed over Denise's arrival and is later arrested for the attack on Ken. Sinead discovers the book used in the attack but doesn't tell police. Nick almost drowns in the quicksand as the tide rises but he is rescued by a coast guard.
  • 1st June - Bethany is taken into a room where she is expected to have sex with three men. An injured Shona warns David about Nathan's gang. Feeling guilty about his and Denise's treatment of Daniel, Ken lies to police that he wasn't attacked after all.
  • 2nd June - Shona, David, Sarah and Gary rescue Bethany and Nathan is arrested, although Bethany refuses to believe that her fiancé is a criminal. Nick decides to leave Weatherfield (Final appearance of the character).
  • 5th June - Bethany refuses to cooperate with the police. An enraged Barlow family find out that Daniel was Ken's attacker and, behind his back, tell Daniel to leave the area.
  • 7th June - Tracy receives a nine-month suspended sentence for aiding and abetting Rob when he was on the run.
  • 9th June - Shona confesses to David that she is Clayton's mother. Daniel orders Denise to leave when she hints that she was happier away from him.
  • 12th June - Eva proposes to Aidan and he accepts. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Johnny calls off his engagement to Jenny.
  • 16th June - Daniel overdoses on drugs he bought from Robert's old associate Rich Collis.
  • 19th June - Drew dies. His homophobic mother Geraldine Spellman refuses to let Billy take charge of Summer. Bethany sees Nathan's true colours when he tries to ship her off to Belgium.
  • 21st June - Bethany has Nathan arrested. Neil threatens her to keep quiet about his role in the gang.
  • 23rd June - Unhappy in their respective relationships with Dev Alahan and Anna Windass, Erica Holroyd and Kevin kiss. Tim Metcalfe orders Seb to break up with Faye after the teenagers sleep with each other.
  • 26th June - Eva discovers that Aidan had been cheating on her with Maria after she and Leanne see text messages between the two. Later, Eva tells Aidan that she is pregnant.
  • 30th June - Phelan tells Nicola Rubinstein that he thinks he's her natural father.
  • 21st July - Craig Tinker produces evidence that Neil Clifton was part of Nathan's grooming gang. Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby take over the Rovers from Steve and Liz McDonald.
  • 2nd August - Dev Alahan finishes with Erica Holroyd when he hears about her dalliance with Kevin.
  • 16th August - Rita Tanner blames Gemma Winter for a break-in at The Kabin and reports her to the police.
  • 18th August - Andy is revealed to be alive and held captive by Phelan after disappearing seven months before.
  • 30th August - Gemma worries that Rita is showing signs of senility.
  • 6th September - Robert receives a suspended sentence and community service for his assault on drug dealer Rich Collis.
  • 15th September - Rita collapses at Jenny's hen party and is rushed to hospital for tests and observation.
  • 25th September - Steve rescues Michelle from her aggressive stalker, Will Chatterton.
  • 18th October - Katy Armstrong is killed in car crash in Portugal. Chesney Brown and Sinead get engaged.
  • 1st November - Rita is given the all-clear after her brain tumour operation.
  • 20th December - Leanne loses all her money to con-man Chris Anderton.

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