Nightingale Terrace exterior

Tony Gordon outside of 23 Nightingale Terrace.

23 Nightingale Terrace was an address in Weatherfield where Jed Stone had lived with his cat Sonny Jim. Jed moved into the address some time in the late 1960s or early 1970s and remained there until 2008 when he was evicted by devious landlord and property developer Tony Gordon, who planned to tear down the houses to develop flats.

In October 2008 (two months after Jed's eviction) the houses on Nightingale Terrace were still intact due to the recession.

The living room, hallway and exterior were seen onscreen. Jed collapsed in the hallway when suffering a mild stroke. Tony eventually called an ambulance.

On the mantlepiece a photograph of Jed and his former landlady Minnie Caldwell from the 1960s could be seen.