28 Grayling Street exterior from Episode 7654 (25th July 2011)

28 Grayling Street is the residence of Izzy Armstrong and her son Jake Windass. It is a bungalow that has been adapted for Izzy to find easier to use. The exterior (when seen) is filmed on location in Manchester.

Gary Windass lived there with Izzy until their relationship fell apart in 2014. It is also where Gary held Izzy against her will when he suffered a nervous breakdown following his experiences fighting in Afghanistan where he witnessed his mate Quinny get killed.

Izzy, Gary and Jake current live with each other at the address, although Izzy and Gary remain separated. Gary's adoptive sister Faye moved in with them in 2017 after she had a falling out with their mother Anna.

Although the fictional address for the property is No.28, the exterior location used had a different number on the door - 73 or 75, seen briefly as Owen Armstrong kicked the door down. It was not amended for the shoot.



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