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Nº2 Coronation Street - Salon Edit

Nº2 Coronation Street is the address of Audrey Roberts' hair salon, Audrey's. Built in 1989 to be a charity shop run by Emily Bishop, later converted into a salon.


Address: 2 Coronation Street

Current owners: David Platt and Audrey Roberts.

1990: Started life as a charity shop run by Emily Bishop.

1991: Renovated as a salon and owned by Denise Osborne. Denise later took on Fiona Middleton. Another stylist, Jon Welch also worked there for a short time.

1996: Denise leaves Weatherfield and sells the salon to Fiona who takes on her friend Maxine Heavy as an assistant.

1998: Fiona leaves Weatherfield and sells the salon to Audrey Roberts. Audrey keeps Maxine on as a stylist until Maxine's death in 2003.

November 1999: Salon is re-painted as "Audrey's"

October 2000: Audrey arranges for schoolgirl Candice Stowe to stand in as holiday cover. Next month Debs Brownlow walks out on Audrey.

Renamed as Alma's in 2001 after the death of Audrey's best friend Alma Halliwell (Baldwin). Renamed back to Audrey's in 2003 after the death of Richard Hillman, who was Alma's cousin and had married Gail and later tried to kill Audrey and Gail and the kids.

Other stylists that have worked at the salon include Candice Stowe and Maria Sutherland and in 2006, granddaughter Sarah Platt is working in the salon as a shampoo girl.

2009: Current staff: Natasha, Maria and David Platt.

2010: When Audrey considers leaving to Greece with lover Lewis Archer, both Maria and Natasha want to buy the salon and they have a bit of a competition. However, when Lewis cons the bookies Audrey decides not to sell the salon. Natasha later leaves the street, leaving Audrey David and Maria working at the salon.

2011: Edna Hargreaves dies while under the drier.

2012: David and Kylie Platt trick Audrey and Maria into leaving the salon. They put up an 'under new management' sign and take down the 'Audrey' part of the main sign. Audrey makes a temporary salon in Mary Taylor's motor home. She is later arrested for criminal damage while peeling off the under new management sign.

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