2nd Footballer
First appearance 27th December 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by Allan O'Keefe

The unnamed 2nd Footballer and his colleague were in the showers at Weatherfield County FC when Albert Tatlock visited the ground as a guest of Dave Smith in December 1971. As the two men towelled themselves dry, they were surprised to see they were being watched by the scowling pensioner but found the sight of him extremely funny, asking him if he was the referee in his scarf and flat cap or perhaps one of the new continental players. They kidded him on that as they were showering this meant that they weren’t playing that day, using this as evidence that he knew little about football. Unperturbed, he asked them what they knew about Tiny Wedlock, continuing the argument he had had for several weeks with the Rovers regulars that the 1910s player was better than Bobby Charlton.

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