2nd Girl 340
2nd Girl
First appearance 16th March 1964
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jill Chadwick

The 2nd Girl was a customer in The Grapes pub where Albert Tatlock and visiting Australian emigrant Ted Ashley went for a drink to relive their youth and revisit old haunts. Both were despondent that a decent Weatherfield pub had turned into a trendy bar with well-to-do posh people who talked of their wealth and looked down on the two old men. The 2nd Girl and her friend talked firstly of clothes as she talked about her suede coat which she had picked up at a sale the previous week, reduced from ten guineas and she commented that she never bought clothes in sales as there was very little in them worth buying. When the conversation moved on to houses she sneered at a mutual acquaintance who had bought one which only had three bedrooms.

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