2nd Woman 1653
2nd Woman
First appearance 17th November 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mary Vaughan

The 2nd Woman was in the line of customers at Archie Crabtree's Supper Bar when Hilda Ogden called in, ready for a row with Archie's assistant Edie Blundell who she had incorrectly heard had been ministering to Stan's needs since he had left her several weeks before, tired of her nagging. The woman told Hilda there was a queue and earned the response, "gerraway! And there was me thinking yer was lining up for a direct free kick!" Hilda verbally laid into an astonished Edie as the line of women listened, accusing her of all sorts including getting her paws on Stan's underpants (for the purposes of washing them). The woman overheard and asked the first woman in the queue "did she say underpants?" as they listened to the scandal unfold.

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