No19a rosamund

Entrance to the flat from Rosamund Street (seen from 2007 onwards)

No17a victoria

Entrance to the flat from Victoria Street (seen until 2006)

19a Rosamund Street is a flat located above Preston's Petals (formerly Skinner's Bookies, Turf Accountant, Barlow's Bookies and Barlow's Buys) on Rosamund Street. Currently residing there are Todd Grimshaw and Billy Mayhew .

Note: The number of the flat was "9a" on the 1982 Outdoor Set but was changed to "19a" when the Media City Studios set opened in January 2014. The original entrance to the flat upstairs was situated on Victoria Street and addressed as "17a". The 9a Rosamund Street entrance was first seen when Harry and Dan Mason took ownership in 2007.


In March 2009 alcoholic Peter Barlow had fallen asleep in the flat with a lit cigarette, causing the flat to be caught alight. Trapped were his son Simon and pet rabbit Leanne. They were rescued by Tony Gordon and Luke Strong. The flat along with the Bookies was rebuilt a few weeks later, with Peter and Simon moving back in.

Peter remained in the flat until 2014, and shared it with Leanne and later Carla Connor. Carla remained in the flat alone from June to October when Peter was locked up accused of Tina McIntyre's murder (whom he had been having an affair with) and eventually moved out and into 12 Victoria Court. When Peter was released in November 2014, he moved away from Weatherfield and rented the flat out to the Windass and Armstrong family as they had to sell up their previous home 6 Coronation Street to pay off debts.