The unnamed A&E Doctor was one of the medical team at Weatherfield General who tended to Paul Connor when he was admitted following a car accident in June 2007. When his passion for prostitutes was revealed, he set out to get revenge on Leanne Battersby for destroying his marriage and locked her inside the boot of his car. As an emotional Paul drove around Weatherfield, his driving became more erratic and, running a red light, his car ploughed into the path of an oncoming truck.

The doctor told awaiting wife Carla, sister Michelle and brother Liam that Paul had sustained some very serious injuries and would be going to the operating theatre. She explained that although they were doing all they could, the family should still be prepared for the worst. When Liam asked about his girlfriend Leanne's condition, the doctor informed him that her CT scan was clear but they were going to keep her in hospital overnight.