A sheik in the night
Pardon the Expression
Episode number 26
Episode A Sheik in the Night
ITV broadcast date 18th April 1966 (Monday)
Writer Christopher Bond
Director Michael Cox
Designer Terry Pritchard
Previous episode Whose Been Sleeping in Our Beds?
Next episode Rustle of Spring


Charity balls are not easy to organise as Mr Swindley finds out when he volunteers to organise the annual ball for the benefit of the Cottage Homes for retired Dobson and Hawkes staff. A £500 target is set and Swindley’s idea to reach this high target is to organise a cabaret evening at the local prestigious Queen’s Hotel. Having overheard the singing voice of Mrs Edgeley he asks her to perform a song with him from The Arabian Princess and they rehearse after work but this brings along suspicions on the part of the jealous Mr. Edgeley. An Arab Sheik, Harun El Kebir, deposed from his own country, is staying at the Queen’s Hotel and a problem is encountered on the night at the fund-raiser when Swindley (in full Arabic costume) mistakes one of the Sheik’s many wives for his canteen manageress. Brought before the Sheik’s Grand Vizier he is coerced into adopting the guise of the Sheik when an emissary from his deposers visits him and brings gifts of dates, figs, Turkish delight and crystallised fruit, all secretly poisoned. Swindley adopts his usual salesman tactic of not buying any foodstuffs that the representative himself would not eat and the plot is revealed. A grateful sheik gives Swindley the £500 needed for the charity and his ensuing cabaret act with Mrs Edgeley in front of Brigadier Hawk is also a success.


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Commercial releasesEdit

This episode was included in Network DVD collection Pardon the Expression - The Complete Second Series, released on 24th August, 2009.

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