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A Tribute to Pat Phoenix was a half-hour television obituary to the actress broadcast at 8.00pm on ITV on Wednesday 17th September, 1986, the day that she died.

Pat Phoenix Tribute

William Roache introduces the tribute

The programme was introduced by William Roache who described her as a “wonderfully extravagant and generous person” and then quoted from Tony Warren saying:

Pat had star quality. She could reach out to an audience so that they knew her, but also felt she was talking directly to them. As a friend, she was fiercely loyal, frequently impossible, and I wouldn’t have missed knowing her for anything.

The programme then went on to feature clips, some of them extensive, from the following episodes (order as within the tribute):

The tribute carried no credits but it was produced and directed by Coronation Street's then Executive producer Bill Podmore. It gained 11,900,000 viewers and made eighth place in the week’s television charts.

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