Police Constable Abi Sharpe is a police officer friend of Mel Morton, first seen in December 2007. She has had an on/off flirtatious relationship with bookie Dan Mason. Abi flirted with Mel's twin brother, Darryl on their 19th birthday, to console him after Lauren Wilson had dumped him, in order to make Lauren jealous. Abi later reappeared helping Mel sort out her father, Jerry, after he had a heart attack and was drinking alcohol. Mel also asked her to do a police check on her mother's ex-boyfriend, Gary Denmark, whom she claimed beat her. At the end of August 2008, Mel was prompted to stay at Abi's with Teresa Bryant persisting to live at the Mortons' house. When Mel and Abi were celebrating completing their police training when they overheard some youth girls fighting. Abi called the police force while Mel attempted to break up the fight, when Abi saw Mel getting hurt she joined in to save her friend. The fight ended with Abi left with a bleeding eye after sustaining an injury with a glass bottle. Mel called an ambulance and told Jerry about the situation, in shock, Abi was safely transported to hospital. Abi later told Mel in hospital that she needed eye surgery as she had a detached retina. After the operation, Abi was confined to desk duty at the police station because of the damage done to her eye, this was much to her disappointment as she longed to be on the beat. This caused Mel to feel very guilty. Abi later relocated to Stretford and Mel soon followed with Teresa still being around after Jerry's relocation to Spain.

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