Abigail Carmichael was Tyrone Dobbs's solicitor when he was accused of assault on Kirsty Soames in January 2013, though in truth he was innocent and the accusation was made by Kirsty in revenge for his affair with Fiz Stape and it was Kirsty who had been violently assaulting him for some months in an abusive relationship. She was present when Tyrone was first interviewed at Weatherfield Police Station where she advised him not to answer any questions as they had not had sight of the allegations made by Kirsty. DS Garrett continued with his questioning which included statements made by neighbours who Kirsty had conned into believing her side of the story. Throughout, Abigail continued to advise Tyrone not to answer the questions.

Tyrone was duly bailed and he visited Abigail's office to tell her that Kirsty was denying him access to their daughter Ruby. He asked what his options were and was outraged to be told that he could plead guilty in the hope of getting a suspended sentence and then full access rights but he vehemently refused. Instead, he and Fiz took the unwise step of trying to flee with Ruby but Fiz had second thoughts and gave them both up to the police. Abigail was present when Tyrone was questioned again, after which he was charged with ABH on Kirsty and sent for trial.

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