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Adam Barlow
Born 3rd May 1988
Birthplace Newcastle
Residence Canada
Father Mike Baldwin
Mother Susan Barlow
Sibling(s) Danny Baldwin (half brother)
Mark Redman (half brother)
First appearance 14th January 2001
Last appearance 20th April 2007
Duration 2001, 2002, 2003,
Number of appearances 211
Played by Iain De Caestecker (2001-2003)
Sam Robertson (2004-2007)

Adam Barlow's biggest blow in life so far was when his mother died at the wheel on 11th February 2001 en route to a ferry from Glasgow to Ireland.

After quitting a boarding school in Glasgow, he returned to Weatherfield in 2005 to get a job at the Underworld factory on Coronation Street. In 2007 after his adoptive aunt Tracy was sent down for murder he left with Peter to open a betting shop in Portsmouth.

Adam later went to move to Canada and in July 2013 Ken traveled over to support Adam after he had suffered a shock collapse at work. A year later Adam recovered from his mysterious undisclosed illness and Ken returned in August 2014.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Adam's existence is that of a retcon. Although off-screen, Susan didn't fake an abortion so she can leave Mike, she "aborted" her child as she wasn't prepared for motherhood. Also 2001 seems to hint that Ken never had contact with Susan since 1987 so wasn't aware of Adam, however this is untrue as he still visited Susan off-screen in that time.

Adam's shock collapse in 2013 was written in to accompany the absence of William Roache.


  • "Hi." (First line to Ken Barlow)
  • "Of course I will." (Final line)

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