Adoption Coordinator 7369
Adoption Co-ordinator
First appearance 1st July 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Irene Longworth

The unnamed Adoption Co-ordinator ran a meeting of prospective parents during which they were asked to talk about their most treasured possession, why it meant so much to them and hypothetically would they hand it over to her? Steve McDonald brought along “Buster Tough-guts”, an Action Man figure from his childhood that reminded him of playing with his brother Andy (in a well-rehearsed speech), Becky McDonald had “Gorilla”, a stuffed toy that reminded her of the one that her mother gave her (indeed, the only thing she ever gave her - apart from back-handers) while Anna Windass brought her mother’s ring. Eddie Windass had refused to bring along an object, worrying Anna, but when asked to speak told the group that his most precious object was his son Gary. Anna subsequently teared up.

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