Adrian Mortimer
Adrian Mortimer
Occupation Fork Lift Truck Driver
First appearance 6th April 2015
Last appearance 5th June 2015
Number of appearances 13
Played by Mark Moraghan

Adrian Mortimer was a man who made contact with Eileen Grimshaw when she started internet dating in March 2015, desperate to improve her love life. They made an arrangement to meet but she bottled out and the two agreed to get to know each other better by email before they met in person. After a month, and by arrangement, Adrian turned up at Coronation Street to meet an incredibly nervous Eileen. They went for a drink and dinner in Nick's Bistro where Eileen found that Adrian was amusing and had a quirky sense of humour that tallied with her own. She refused to allow him in for a nightcap but was quietly delighted with the success of the evening and agreed to see him again.

Over the next few weeks, they continued to see each other unaware that Todd Grimshaw, with a hidden dislike for his mother, had set her up by creating a false alias for himself - "Jeff", a man living in an expensive flat in Dubai and sent her messages, some of them of a sexual nature, which Eileen found flattering. Although feeling somewhat guilty, Eileen continued to correspond with Jeff while still seeing Adrian. When she confessed this to him, he asked that she delete her profile from the dating site in order to prove that they were exclusive to each other. She didn't and Todd sent another message from "Jeff" saying that he would be visiting the UK and wanted to meet her.

A few weeks later, Adrian made plans to take Eileen away for a romantic break. Todd got wind of this and sent Eileen another message from "Jeff" saying he was flying into Manchester Airport and would meet her at Nick's Bistro, wearing a red shirt and would have apple martinis at the ready. Eileen was shocked to find Adrian with Todd in the bar when she arrived and even more so when her son revealed, in front of Adrian, that he was "Jeff". As Todd started to pour vitriol at his mother, Adrian beat a retreat, telling Eileen that he'd had a lucky escape.

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