After hours ep1
After Hours
Episode number 1
ITV broadcast date 8th November 1999 (Monday)
Writer Peter Whalley
Editor Sophie Byrne
Designer Julian Perkins
Producer Mary McMurray
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Director Adrian Bean
Previous episode None
Next episode Episode 2


Steve McDonald and Vikram Desai are heading to Calais to buy a bulk load of cigarettes and alcohol. Vikram discovers they are going via Brighton to see Steve's ex-wife Vicky. On arrival at "Vicky's" - a wine bar she owns - they find she is about to re-marry. Steve plans to rekindle his relationship with her so he can get his hands on her money and wine bar; he bets Vik £100 he can stop the wedding. Bet Gilroy returns from Tenerife to help with the wedding preparations. She finds out from unsuspecting Vikram about the bet and, in revenge, shops Steve to Dover customs.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


  • TV Times synopsis: First of this week's special editions following Weatherfield boys Steve and Vikram as they head for Calais and an illegal booze-and-tobacco run.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,150,000 viewers (20th place).
  • This episode was repeated on the same day on ITV2 at 11.00pm.

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