After hours ep4
After Hours
Episode number 4
ITV broadcast date 11th November 1999 (Thursday)
Writer David Lane
Editor Sophie Byrne
Designer Julian Perkins
Producer Mary McMurray
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Director Adrian Bean
Previous episode Episode 3
Next episode Episode 5


Vik wakes up to find the van has been stolen. Gabrielle suspects her brother Sacha is involved with the robbery. They chase after Sasha and then it becomes clear that Reg Holdsworth is also involved. Vik says goodbye to Gabrielle and sets off to catch the ferry. On Robert's stag night, Vicky goes to see Steve at his B&B. Steve still tries to brainwash her. Vikram arrives back at the bar in Brighton and a drunken Reg falls out of the back of the van in front of Bet and Vicky.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


  • TV Times synopsis: Vikram gets into trouble when someone steals Steve’s van with all the booze and tobacco in it. Back in Brighton, it's Robert's stag night and Steve tries to seduce Vicky with a bottle of wine and some sweet talking.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,270,000 viewers (36th place).
  • This episode was repeated on the same day on ITV2 at 11.30pm.

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