Agnes Nugent
Occupation Housewife
Died c.1940
Spouse(s) James Nugent
Children Emily Nugent (1929)
Edgar Nugent
Norah Nugent
Brenda Nugent
Joan Nugent
Marjorie Nugent
Played by Unseen

Agnes Nugent was the mother of Emily Nugent. She lived in Harrogate where she raised her six children and tended to her husband James. She passed away when Emily was eleven years-old, leaving her daughter to shoulder the responsibilities she had in her role as a mother and homemaker.

Emily would carry fond memories of her mother for the rest of her life. She remembered her chapel habits to Mavis Riley in 1980, and in 2002 she had reflected on her mother to a young Adam Barlow who had lost his own mother Susan the previous year, telling him that she always thought of her no matter how much time had passed.

At the reception of Tracy Barlow's (failed) wedding in October 2014, Emily reminisced that her mother's favourite flowers were freesias.

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