Aidan (Episode 6611)
Occupation Holiday rep
First appearance 1st August 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robin Askwith

Aidan was a holiday representative based at Gozo in Malta, where Steve McDonald and Eileen Grimshaw had booked an impromptu holiday in August 2007. Eileen only realised that Steve hadn't sorted out any accommodation after the plane took off and upon arrival in the country, every hotel that they had tried to get rooms in were fully booked.

Eileen spotted a Tourist Information Office and left Steve to go inside and sort out their sleeping arrangements. Steve came out with Aidan and reported that there was a twin-room available in the out of town, low-budget Hotel Ta Cenc and Aidan offered them a lift. Eileen was quick to put him in his place when he assumed she and Steve were a married couple. After dropping them off at the hotel, Aidan invited Eileen to join him at a bar later that evening and handed her his mobile number.

Aidan caught up with Steve at the poolside bar when Eileen had gone to complain to the hotel manager about their twin-room turning out to be a double. Steve, realising that there was a possibility that Eileen could invite Aidan back to their room and he'd be without a bed for the night, quickly succeeded in putting the gentleman off Eileen by telling him of how she'd hospitalised an ex-husband and suggested that she was into threesomes. Aidan promptly scurried off and avoided having to speak to Eileen.

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