Aidan Critchley was Ken Barlow's 'pupil from hell' at Weatherfield Comprehensive School. He later became Sarah Platt's boyfriend.

Aidan was somewhat hated, particularly when he took Sarah for a joyride and crashed the car into a lorry. Taking Sarah for a joyride was a bad idea, especially since the evil Richard Hillman was her stepfather at the time. Richard took revenge by killing Maxine Peacock on 13th January 2003 and framing Aidan for the murder. Aidan was arrested, but later proven innocent when Richard confessed. He left the area and hasn't been heard of since.

He formerly lived at 12 Scarborough Gardens.

First and last linesEdit

"Ooh Miss!" (First line, to Charlie Ramsden)


"Are yer?" (Final line, to Sarah Platt)

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