Alan (2009)
Occupation Photographer
First appearance 5th June 2009
Last appearance 5th June 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Rowe David McClelland

Alan was a Gazette photographer who turned up at the Rovers Return to take photographs after the staff and customers had raised £500 for Weatherfield General.

Having collected coppers in a large bottle placed on the bar, potman Sean Tully suggested that as the bottle was full, they should exchange the money for a publicity cheque and invite the local press - thus enticing more custom to the Rovers.

The photographer, who arrived an hour-and-a-half late, was greeted by Steve McDonald and Becky Granger. Sean was angry to learn that after spending a significant amount of time getting "dressed-up" for the occasion he wasn't going to be included in the photographs. A squabble ensued and with the photographer pointing out that he had a football match to get to, it was decided that Sean and Becky would pose for the pictures together.

Positioned with the blown-up cheque, the procedure was interrupted when bar manager Poppy Morales threatened to sack barmaid Betty Williams. After Steve acted by undermining Poppy's authority and explained that nobody was getting sacked, the photo-shoot finally went ahead.

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