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Alan the Reporter
Occupation Reporter
First appearance 21st May 2007
Last appearance 21st May 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Daniel Crossley

Alan was a reporter who had arrived on Coronation Street to get information for a story on the house fire which broke out at No.4 in May 2007. Trying to coerce resident Ashley Peacock into answering his questions, Eileen Grimshaw quickly sent the reporter packing and ushered a visibly shaken Ashley away.

When Cilla Battersby-Brown heard that there was a reporter on the Street, she was hot on his heels to tell him about "heroic" Kirk Sutherland - as he had helped to pull an unconscious Claire Peacock to safety. Typically, Cilla just wanted to cash in on the story. However, Cilla's constant ramblings were ignored by the reporter who was engaged in a personal phone call regarding grocery shopping.

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