Albert Street was a proposed name for Coronation Street when it was built in 1902. However, the coronation of King Edward VII suggested a change to the builders, especially as the first tenants moved in on 9th August, the day of the actual event at Westminster Abbey in London.

Another Albert Street exists in Weatherfield, though, and this was the site of a garage premises bought by Ron Sykes in August 1982 when he and Brian Tilsley went into partnership, opening Sykes and Tilsley's Garage. The partnership was dissolved in March 1983 when Brian bought Ron out and he continued the business alone as Tilsley's Garage. After Brian's death in February 1989, his widow Gail sold the garage to Tom Casey who eventually gave it to his son Mark as a twenty-first birthday present. Mark possessed no business sense and the Casey's Garage folded in November 1991.

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