Alex was a security manager at Sun City in South Africa where a competition was being held to find the Sunshine Family of South Africa. Cilla Battersby-Brown had entered her "family" in an effort to win the $500,000 prize money and had forced daughter Fiz to pose as a nun doing charity work.

Not entirely happy about this scenario, Fiz hit the casino in her habit and wimple and Alex came to her rescue when she was pestered by a Nuisance Gambler. When he saw her the next day in her normal dress, he was instantly attracted and the two began a holiday romance.

Alex had come to resort three years before with his fiancée to get married, only to find that she’d been having an affair with his brother for three months. He and Fiz spent the night together in a suite which they had to vacate suddenly when the guests who it was booked for arrived in reception the next morning.

Alex asked her to stay on in the resort but told him she couldn't as she had a responsibility to look after her brother Chesney. She told him that he could come back to Weatherfield with her but this was impossible as Alex explained that whe had gone AWOL from the army and could face a prison sentence if he applied for a passport and the authorities would then be able to trace him.

The Battersby-Browns were disqualified from the competition. Fiz kissed Alex goodbye before she left and reluctantly said he had only been a romance.