Alexei Knight's Tale
Occupation Scrub Nurse
First appearance Coronation Street: A Knight's Tale (2010)
Played by Andrew Vincent

Alexei was plastic surgeon Uri’s Russian Scrub Nurse when the two were guests at Tatlock Towers’ medieval themed weekend in November 2010. His boss, suffering from undiagnosed mental issues, developed a fixation with Rosie Webster and determined to preserve her beauty forever before she aged as his first wife had done. He therefore determined to inject her with a freezing Botox-type substance and trapped the girl in his suite, bound to the bed and anesthetised with gas in order that she wouldn’t struggle.

Alexei seemed more than happy to assist with this unorthodox procedure. Less happy was Jason Grimshaw who attempted to gain entry to the suite to bring a halt to proceedings but the huge bulk of Alexei prevented him. The man was even impervious to a punch that the slighter man dealt him, advising him for his own health to leave them alone.

Jason made it to the suite by climbing on the roof and a furious fight broke out in the room. Alexei easily overcame Jason but before the needle could be injected Norris Cole accidentally fired an arrow through the window of the room from outside, severing a cord holding a large hanging candle bracket in place and bringing it down on Uri’s head. Uri when to help his master but Jason knocked him out by the classic expedient of bringing a vase crashing down on to his head.

The character was credited as “Scrub Nurse” but his name was given in dialogue.

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