Alfie Africa
Alfie Vlok
Occupation Television host
First appearance Coronation Street: Out of Africa (2008)
Played by Tim Plewman

Alfie Vlok was the host of the Sunshine Family of South Africa competition to win $500,000 for the best family held in 2008. A washed-up former name in his country, his star had faded after drugs charges and eighteen months imprisonment for income tax evasion. The host of former typically crass daytime television chat shows such as VLok, Vlok, Who’s There! which ran for ten series and Alfie in the Afternoon which he boasted was seen by 4.7 million Africans a week, few recognised him now and aside from being desperate to relaunch his career, he was driven to distraction when he wasn't given the star treatment at Sun City and had to put up with standard rooms with his requests for an upgrade to a suite being ignored. His own agent had few illusions about him, telling his cameraman Rick that he would do anything for a vodka.

Vlok came out with insincere platitudes in front of the cameras but when the tape wasn't rolling he was quite capable of tabloid press techniques, a typical example being his desperation to capture the emotional meltdown of Tashni Jones after her family was disqualified for cheating. He was livid when the Battersby-Browns got lost in the bush as he felt that their death would be bad for his media career but he recognised the potential in Cilla and relaunched his career using her and billing her on his new South African television show as the “world’s worst mother” after Chesney Battersby-Brown had declared to the competition audience what she was really like.

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