Alison whitworth
Alison Whitworth
Occupation Bank teller
First appearance 13th March 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Christine Anderson

Alison Whitworth was a teller at Castlewell Building Society in 1989. When Rita Fairclough found bank statements addressed to her late husband Len at her partner Alan Bradley's burglar alarm shop, Weatherfield Security Systems, she made enquiries at the Weatherfield Castlewell branch, where she was seen by Alison. Thinking Rita was after a loan on her house, Alison talked her through the application process, including the retention of the deeds to her property, 7 Coronation Street, for security purposes. Realising the lengths Alan had gone to to steal from her, Rita began sobbing and hysterically told Alison that her dead husband had already borrowed £15,000 against the house.

Back home, Rita checked the deeds to her house and noticed that they were photocopies. This gave her the ammunition to confront Alan with evidence of his fraud.

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