Amanda Dewhurst
Amanda Dewhurst
Occupation Specialist Nurse
First appearance 1st September 2014
Last appearance 3rd September 2014
Number of appearances 3
Played by Joy Blakeman

Amanda Dewhurst was a specialist nurse who was assigned to observe the behaviours of Max Turner when he was suspected of having ADHD. Max's mother Kylie Platt couldn't accept that Max's condition was natural and thought that it reflected badly on her parenting skills. She was therefore in a stressed condition herself before Amanda arrived at 8 Coronation Street and was in the middle of a rant at Michael Rodwell when David Platt brought Amanda into the house.

Once she settled down, she assured Kylie that she wasn't there to judge anyway but just to observe Max at play. She watched as Max jumped up and down on the sofa when he wanted to play a particular game and told Kylie and David of the details of how she would observe ax at school. She wouldn't give them an assessment on this first visit, telling them that the case was like a jigsaw where she needed to get all the pieces together to see the full picture. The visit to Bessie Street School went badly though when Max went berserk in class and started throwing red paint all over the class's painting on the walls.

List of appearancesEdit

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