Amma Newbury
Amma Newbury
Occupation Probation Officer
First appearance 2nd August 2013
Last appearance 2nd August 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Elianne Byrne

Amma Newbury was Rob Donovan's probation officer following his release from Strangeways Jail for armed robbery in July 2012.

Just over a year later, her visit to him was for the purpose of inspecting his new business venture with Tracy Barlow: a cash converters named "Barlow's Buys". Rob had insisted that the business be run along legitimate lines with stock which could be accounted for through invoices and receipts but while he was out one morning Tracy bought a large number of stolen mobile phone tablets and computers from an ex-cellmate of Rob's called Lenny.

When Amma turned up for the inspection, a frantic Rob tried his charms on her (unsuccessfully) and then put up a pretence that he had locked himself out of the premises and that he needed to get hold of Tracy who had the other key. Taking Amma to Roy's Rolls, Tracy inveigled Steve McDonald into helping her clear the hookey stock out of the shop and depositing it in 1 Coronation Street. When Amma saw the shop, she commented on the lack of stock but, with nothing else to base her suspicions on, she sincerely wished Rob the best of luck with his new venture and left.

Credited as "Probation Officer, the character's name was given in dialogue.

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