Andre (Episode 3827)
Occupation Waiter
First appearance 8th March 1995
Number of appearances 1
Played by John Webber

Andre was a waiter employed at Provencal - an expensive French restaurant located on Weatherfield Quays, where Steve McDonald took girlfriend Fiona Middleton out to dinner in March 1995.

After a sumptious meal and several glasses of wine, Steve beckoned the waiter over to ask for the bill and to arrange for his car to be moved from the car park to the front door. A short time after Steve's credit card and car keys had been collected on the waiter's tray, Andre returned with the card cut in half. He explained to a bewildered couple that the card had been dishonoured and Steve's car would be brought round once the cashier had been satisfied. With Steve having no other method of payment, he asked Fiona to settle the bill.

Credited as "Waiter", the character's Christian name was revealed in dialogue.

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