Andrea Palmer
Andrea Palmer
First appearance 24th January 2007
Last appearance 26th January 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Natalie Grady

Andrea Palmer was a cellmate of Tracy Barlow at Redford Prison when she was incarcerated before her murder trial commenced. Andrea was led into the cell by the guard on duty, and Tracy could tell that the pair would get along when Andrea told the guard to "get lost" after he'd made a sarcastic comment.

As Tracy was getting ready to attend the funeral of Charlie Stubbs, Andrea questioned why she wanted to go - if he was the pig she'd made him out to be. When Tracy mocked that it was important to show remorse, Andrea suggested that she should lose some of the make-up she'd just put on and appear more "washed-out than tarted-up". Putting on a pretence of being inconsolable when the female prison guard came into the cell to advise Tracy that they'd be leaving soon, Andrea advised that it would be hard to keep up the unstable, battered wife performance since the courts had seen it all before.

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