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Andrew Male
Andrew Mayall
Occupation Environmental company representative
First appearance 21st September 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Matt Connor

Andrew Mayall was a representative for environmental company Clean Green and Friendly and arrived for an appointment at Roy's Rolls in September 2007, having been contacted by café proprietor Roy Cropper regarding the electricity supply at the establishment.

With wife Hayley anxious for the couple to be heading off on their pre-organised picnic - as it was Roy's birthday - she was less than impressed when the rep casually told them that it wouldn't take much more than an hour to go through the electricity modification proposals. However, on Hayley's suggestion, it was agreed for their appointment to be rescheduled for sometime the following week. As the Croppers headed off on their picnic, a somewhat sympathetic Becky Granger invited the rep to stay and have a coffee.

Credited as "Clean Green Rep", the character's full name was given in dialogue.

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