Andy 2631
Occupation Fireman
First appearance 18th June 1986
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andrew Davey

Andy was a fireman who was the first officer into the burning premises of the Rovers Return Inn when it caught ablaze in June 1986 as a result of faulty wiring in the fuse box carried out by Jack Duckworth.

Bet Lynch was the only occupant at the time and she had collapsed in the smoke in her bedroom. Kevin Webster broke a window and attempted to rescue her as the two fire engines arrived on the scene. Terry Duckworth confirmed to the Fire Chief where Kevin and Bet could be found and the chief directed Andy, fitted out with a respirator, towards the correct window. He and a colleague got Kevin out and Andy then put his own mask over Bet before transferring her outside and on to a stretcher to be taken to hospital.

Credited as "Fireman", the character was named in dialogue.

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