Andy 2987
Occupation Police constable
First appearance 3rd November 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jonathan Jaynes

Andy was a Police Constable who carried out questioning relating to a robbery at The Kabin in November 1989. Andy accompanied Det. Sgt. Crichton, leading the investigation, to the scene on the morning after the robbery had taken place. The till was empty when the incident had occurred, but the thief had made off with most of the cassettes from The Kabin's video library.

The obvious suspect was Alan Bradley, due to his grievance with Rita Fairclough, and his knowledge of the Kabin having created the video library and installed the burglar alarm which had been switched off. When Crichton brought Alan in for questioning at Weatherfield Police Station, Andy was present in the interview room, and he later escorted Alan to a cell for the night. The real intruders were caught soon afterwards trying to sell the stolen videos, and Alan was released.

The character was credited as "Police Constable". His first name was given in dialogue.

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