Andy Hay (born 1954) appeared on Coronation Street in three roles:

His other acting credits include roles in Travelling Man, Floodtide, Watching, The Bill, Backup and Spooks.

Artistic Director at Bolton's Octagon Theatre between 1987 and 1991, he directed productions including Two, Baths and Eight Miles High. Other works include The Colour of Nonsense, Frankenstein - A Truly Monstrous Experiment, Denial, Blues Brother Soul Sisters, A Bitter Herb, A Christmas Carol, One for the Road, The Man with Green Hair, Up 'n' Under, A Streetcar Named Desire, Up the Feeder, Down the Mouth and Back Again and All My Sons, while on-screen directing credits include EastEnders, Casualty, Mersey Beat, Spooks, Trial & Retribution, Sea of Souls, Hotel Babylon, Waking the Dead, Silent Witness, New Tricks, Foyle's War and The Musketeers.

He is married to actress Lynda Rooke who has also appeared in minor roles on the programme. The couple live in Bristol and have three children.

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