Andy Jennings was an old friend of Peter Barlow’s from their naval days together who was first seen in the Street in December 2002 when Peter’s fiancée, Shelley Unwin, surprised him by inviting several of his old colleagues to their engagement party in the Rovers.

The following July, Andy was a guest at Peter and Shelley’s wedding where he was witness to the rivalry between Dev Alahan and fellow ex-rating Ciaran McCarthy over Sunita Parekh when at their joint table Ciaran tried to bate Dev over his shop-keeping business. Bridesmaid Tracy Barlow was attracted to Andy though and suggested they slip off somewhere, only to be coldly rejected as he was getting married himself a fortnight later and was loyal to his fiancée. Tracy was not pleased and referred to him as another boring Roy Cropper in the making.

Six months later, in December, Andy was back, this time for Ciaran’s own stag night and wedding to Sunita. Andy saw Tracy’s by-then pregnant condition and enquired if she had any idea who the father was! After a drunken night at the Weatherfield Arms, Andy was witness to Sunita jilting Ciaran in the register office.

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