Andy Simpson
Andy Simpson
Occupation Photographer
First appearance 18th November 1974
Last appearance 11th December 1974
Number of appearances 4
Played by Paul Greenwood

Andy Simpson was an amateur photographer who was taken on by Ernest Bishop at the Camera Shop in late 1974.

Andy was young and confident; Deirdre Hunt called him "Flash Andy". He first appeared on the scene when he showed Ernie his portfolio, angling for a job at the shop and studio, only to be given the brush-off. However, Emily Bishop also had a look and convinced Ernie to give Andy a trial.

While pursuing his photography, Andy was working as a milkman. Negotiating terms of employment with Ernie, Andy told him that he earned £15 a week at his dad's stall at the market, a sum which caused Ernie to think twice. After finding out from Alf Roberts that in reality Andy never helped out at his dad's stall, and the £15 was just a bargaining tactic, Ernie offered him a more realistic wage of £10 a week, and Andy agreed to work for him.

Andy fancied Deirdre and used his photography to chat her up, offering first to give her lessons and then to photograph her, she turned both invitations down but enjoyed flirting with the overconfident man while making it clear that he didn't have a chance with her as she was engaged to Billy Walker.

Andy was a capable photographer and knew a lot about cameras, at one point stepping in to help Betty Turpin with her camera for no charge. He handled a booking at a presentation at the gasworks dinner and dance without Ernie's help and got on well with Emily, although when he jokingly asked if, when Ernie got home at 1am after an engagement, if Emily was waiting for him with her rolling pin poised, Emily sternly advised Andy not to refer to his wife as "the wife" if he ever got married.

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