Andy Woodson was a teacher at Bessie Street School. The school children, including Amy and Simon Barlow, along with Joshua Peacock, were just about to start performing their nativity play. Arriving late, a drunken Peter Barlow got the teacher to let him into the main school doors. Commenting that he'd not received any notification of the play, Peter got quite aggressive with Mr Woodson and it was clear that Peter was under the influence of alcohol. The teacher refused to let him enter the hall, but Peter managed to push past and their raised voices could be heard over the children's performance. As Peter got closer to the front of the stage, the room became silent and all eyes were on him. The children were scared and everyone else horrified. Peter was eventually escorted out of the room by Mr Woodson, Ken Barlow and Ashley Peacock with Deirdre trying to comfort an upset Simon.