Occupation Waiter
First appearance 7th January 1974
Last appearance 9th January 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by Guido Adorni

Angelo was an Italian waiter who worked at Mario's Restaurant where Jerry Booth took Mavis Riley for a romantic meal in January 1974. After the couple had handed their coats in, Angelo escorted them to their table which he and another waiter pushed in far too tightly for their liking and handed them the menus, which were almost entirely in Italian. Subsequently, Mavis and Jerry had trouble working out what some of the choices were and took their direction from overhearing another couple, Frank and Zilla who were sat at a nearby table. Angelo took their order, adding some confusion to proceedings by asking for their choice of vegetables in Italian though Jerry was on far safer ground choosing a wine. Both he and Mavis found cork in their glasses though Mavis wouldn't let Jerry complain. They refused a dessert from the trolley that Angelo brought to them, electing to just have coffee instead.

Credited as "Waiter", the character's name was given by Frank and Zilla in dialogue.

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