Angie Dean
Occupation Agency accountant
First appearance 13th October 1975
Last appearance 15th October 1975
Number of appearances 2
Played by Norma West

Angie Dean was a young blonde-haired woman who, with David Law, ran the Jet Girl modelling agency. In October 1975, Tricia Hopkins and Gail Potter answered an ad for a course the agency was running which was about to start.

Angie and David conducted what seemed to be a fairly normal interview with the two girls; Angie told them she was the agency's accountant and that she did all the hard work, displaying some camaraderie with David. Angie told the hopefuls that there were still two places left on the course they wanted to get on but David suggested they look at brochures instead as the course was full. David was quickly talked round into taking the girls on and, at Angie's suggestion, he started photographing Tricia and Gail in bikinis to see what they knew about modelling.

The next day, Tricia and Gail returned with the other girls who'd signed for the course to pay £20, half the total fee. After a short pep-talk from David and Angie, with Angie suggesting that they read her book First Stumbling Steps in Modelling, the girls were told to return the next morning to start the course. Tricia and Gail were so excited that they returned to the studio later that day - only to find an empty lot being tended to by the building caretaker, as if the agency had never been there. The caretaker told them the agency had hurriedly packed up and left, leaving the girls penniless and feeling used. Whether the agency was a con from the beginning, or whether it had simply gone bust, Tricia and Gail could only wonder.

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