Anita 2922
Occupation Receptionist
First appearance 29th March 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Judy Brooke

Anita was the receptionist at an opticians where Jack Duckworth got his eyes tested in March 1989. Although his eyesight had got so bad that he was short-changing customers at the Rovers, Jack resisted the idea of getting glasses due to his vanity and had to be dragged there by Vera. While Jack nervously waited to be seen by optometrist Barbara Wright, the Duckworths had a discussion about Anita's glasses, with Jack opining that the large red frames looked like headlights. Vera thought that she'd suit a pair like hers as it would make her look like a career woman, to which Jack - not the most charitable towards his wife at the best of times - replied that specs didn't work miracles!

After Jack collected his prescription, Anita showed him their range of frames. Jack's eyes were immediately drawn to an £80 pair, with Jack asking for tinted lenses, but he had to settle for a £25 pair from the budget range which, according to Vera, made him look like a bluebottle.

The episode credits the character as "Receptionist". Her name is given in dialogue.

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