Anna Wilson
Occupation Student
First appearance 26th June 2000
Last appearance 27th August 2000
Number of appearances 7
Played by Emma Parker

Anna Wilson was a friend and fellow student of Toyah Battersby between June and August 2000. They were studying A-Levels together and saw each other socially. Anna was very keen to visit the Rovers Return when she heard about the upcoming appearance of a male stripper and Toyah reluctantly went along. They were both present when The Masked Python was exposed as local mechanic Sam Kingston and chased out of the pub by his mother, who had been in the audience, hitherto oblivious to her son's evening job.

Anna later attended Toyah's belated eighteenth birthday party in the Rovers, and brought her boyfriend. Anna and Toyah collected their exam results together, and Toyah was disappointed when she only received three 'E' grades. Their secondary education over, the girls went their separate ways.

List of appearancesEdit


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