Angela peak
Annabel Peak
Occupation Valuer
First appearance 25th January 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jo Ellis

Annabel Peak was an employee of Four Peaks Properties. On 25th January 2010, Annabel surveyed No.8 Coronation Street at the behest of Joe McIntyre, who was desperate to sell the house immediately. He was disappointed when Annabel said her company would only be willing to pay £80,000 for the £115,000 house but before he could make his decision his wife Gail arrived home and, upon learning that Joe was trying to sell the house behind her back, told Annabel in no uncertain terms to leave.

Despite the name, Annabel stressed that she had no family connection to the company.

Annabel was credited as Valuer. The character gives her name upon appearing in the episode.

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