Annie Woodford
Annie Woodford
First appearance 13th October 2002
Last appearance 14th October 2002
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jane Godber

Annie Woodford was a lady who was mugged and had her handbag stolen on Bolton Road. Peter Barlow was walking there with his "other" girlfriend, Lucy Richards and he gave chase. Unable to catch the two hoodies, he put the lady in a taxi and gave her twenty pounds for the fare. When word got back to his live-in girlfriend Shelley Unwin about his feat, she asked why he had been in the Bolton Road district but he gave her a story that he was visiting a contact in the bookmaker's world. Acclaimed a hero by the Rovers regulars, he felt uncomfortable with the whole issue in case word leaked back that he had been with Lucy. A day later, Annie called at Peter and Shelley's flat to thank him. She mentioned the other woman that Peter was with but, when she had left, Peter told Shelley that Annie had been mistaken and the other woman was just another passer-by who had got caught up in the event.

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