Anton "Ant" Edmunds was firefighter colleague of Paul Kershaw's. He was first introduced to Eileen Grimshaw on the May 2013 day that the Rovers Return Inn was re-opened after Karl Munro had torched the place several months earlier, a blaze that had killed their firefighter colleague Toni Griffiths. Ant had been a good friend of Toni's and passed on his condolences to Dev Alahan whose wife, Sunita, had also died as a result of the fire.

Ant joined Paul and Eileen to support them for the grand re-opening, and banish bad memories, and they were part of the team in the first game on the darts board. He returned to the pub with the couple a few months later for another game of darts but his final interaction with any residents of Coronation Street was in the August when he was part of the team that attended to a bad car crash when a lorry hit a van driven by Nick Tilsley and David Platt. He kept David back from the van where Nick lay badly injured within, telling him that the paramedics needed access and the police needed the investigate the cause of the crash.

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